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We are a multi-disciplinary collective of African women coaches, consultants, educators, and researchers working with individuals, organizations and governments to create strategies for sustainable personal and political change making.

Through thought partnerships and strategic direction we collaborate to ideate and implement solutions that are sustainable, values driven, actionable and systemic.

The goal is to recreate a future for work that feels humanizing and pleasurable while taking on projects that prioritize and center the expertise of Black and African women in public policy, personal development, and leadership



Our mission is centered on two goals

Supporting and resourcing progressive organizations and governments with tools to operationalize equity

Supporting and resourcing individuals on their journey to well-being with tools that are regenerative, communal, and embodied

We are building a new world rooted in equity and creating a pathway to liberation through the collaborative designing of people-centered policy and advisory for sustainable systemic change 


Our Vision

With rising inequities, a spike in global crisis, and continued uncertainties in the world, there is an urgent need for political, social, financial, environmental, emotional, and intellectual revolution


Our African women-led team provides strategies to change our current realities through research, education, information, and accessible frameworks for creative, radical, and sustainable solutions

Afangideh Global is leading this change and we invite individuals and communities into a space of reflection and action

Our Values

Well-being over urgency
An ethic of communal care
Sustainable and systematic change
Accountability as a practice
Clear Process and equitable outcomes

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Meet the Founder

Salem Afangideh is a Nigerian award-winning international Human Rights Lawyer, a Pan-African scholar, and public policy strategist. As a consultant she works to operationalize equity at the intersection of the personal and the socio-political by centering the experiences, needs, and expertise of African descended people globally


As the founder and CEO of Afangideh Global, Salem is passionate about revolutionizing the future of work from one that is exploitative to one that feels humanizing and pleasurable. She is dedicated to centering the expertise of Black and African women in public policy, personal development, and leadership

Meet the Team

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Christina Govati

Public health consultant, project manager in education, nonprofits and international development

Amarachi Nickabugu

2021-2022 fellow for Afangideh Global with a focus on institutionalized prejudice against women

Mwende Mukwanyaga

Consumer market consultant with a specialty in culture, data and investigative journalism
Evelyn _edited.jpg

Evelyn Bako

Strategist and coach, intercultural communication modalities expert for community building

Lomuthi Mgomezulu

Storytelling advocate, field work and strategy development expert in Public Health and Communications 
Image by Benjamin Voros
AG Team
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