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The Well-being Summit 

A virtual Public Health Campaign focused on Black and African women globally. 

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Welcome sisters

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Our commitment to well-being is being operationalized through our newly launched campaign; the Well-being Summit. This summit is a 7 month virtual public health campaign with goals around community education, advocacy, and dialogue. 


One that allows us to have an intergenerational and inter-diasporic deep dive into the things that make us unwell as well as the rituals, spaces, policies, and resources that restore us back into a state of well-being.  


Well-being (in all the vast and varying ways we define it) is our birthright, a human right, and our original state of being. It is as personal as it is communal. Let’s have some conversations, unlearn some things, deepen our rituals, change some policy, and create archives along the way. How does that sound?

Well-being is our birthright, and a human right.


Summit structure:


Each month we will explore a specific topic around

well-being through community education, dialogue, storytelling, and opportunities for advocacy.


The topics we have chosen are: 


  • Invisible social cultural barriers to well-being (fatphobia, colorism, ageism, ableism)

  • Reproductive well-being.

  •  Maternal well-being.

  • Mental and emotional well-being.

  • Love as a site of wellness and illness.

  • Beyond self care: a practice of communal wellness.

The format:

Education: We will utilize micro-blogs, short form video content, article shares, infographics, and podcasts to make educational resources on each of the topics of interest accessible. We will be working in collaboration with Black and African women experts on the creation, amplification, and dissemination of thoughts around our well-being that aren't mainstream.


Dialogue: Through monthly twitter spaces and curated zoom panel conversations, we will be creating avenues for intergenerational and intra-diasporic conversations. The goal of this dialogue is to help us as a global community re-imagine what wellness can look like and share personal and intimate wellness practices and resources.


Archive: We are inviting members of our larger community to share human interest stories about their relationships to these topics. These stories will be shared as part of the conversation series and also given a home on our blog to archive current day experiences of how we are experiencing these issues. 


Advocacy: At its purest form advocacy allows us to create frameworks, policies, and strategies that move us from the world we currently exist in into the world we are re-imagining. Our theory of change is rooted in community first and followed by systems change, so we will be sharing out campaigns with current opportunities for advocacy as we navigate each of the topics

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Our commitments

  1. To combat misinformation about health and well-being with thoroughly conducted research and curated educational resources.

  2. To create safe spaces for inter-diasporic dialogue and communal storytelling.

  3. To center the expertise of liberation minded Black and African women from across the vast diaspora of Black identity and  Black thought. 

  4. To provide actionable advocacy opportunities that connect us up with on-going ways to translate knowledge into getting a more equitable society. 

The Invitation

Be as involved as you'd like to be. We are committed to 7 months of education, dialogue, advocacy, and archive building in a variety of topic area's. Signup to our newsletter (below) to get detailed weekly updates and recaps. 

If you an expert who would like to share your work in any of the following thematic areas with our community, let us know below.

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Want to join?

Thanks for opting into our wellbeing summit! We are very excited to follow up with information about all the ways you can get plugged in.

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