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We are a multi-disciplinary collective of Black and African women coaches, consultants, educators, and researchers working with individuals, organizations, and governments to create strategies for sustainable personal and systemic change.

Operationalizing equity & working towards human flourishing

We provide strategies that help people and organizations meet their goals 

What we do


Our stellar team of consultants provides actionable solutions for the most pressing challenges facing your organization



We offer an embodied and culturally competent approach to life, career, and transition coaching to provide our clients with clarity in moments of overwhelm and decision fatigue.


We provide trauma informed facilitation services to support governments, coalitions, and groups of all kinds in creating safe spaces for brave conversations to happen. Our facilitation tools are rooted in care, collaboration, and psychological safety.


Our Why

With rising inequities, a global health crisis,
and continued environmental uncertainties,
there is an urgent need for change in our personal,

political, social, financial, environmental,
emotional, and intellectual lives. 
Our African women team brings tools to the frontlines
 from the old world of our ancestors 
and new technologies from our lived experience
and vast educational trainings.

We invite our collective community into a space of
reflection and action through research, education,
radical redesign of people centered policy,
and an embodied framework for change-making 
that is 
creative and sustainable.
We do this in the Spirit of radical hope; 
as a love letter to our cultural story, 
with a praxis rooted in equity,
to facilitate the flourishing of all beings
and our Mother earth.

Our Why

Our Team

Salem 3_edited.jpg

Salem Afangideh

Founder, international human rights lawyer, Pan-African scholar and public policy strategist
Christina. Business Prof 3_edited.jpg

Christina Kadzamira-Govati

Public health consultant, project manager in education, nonprofits and international development

Amarachi Nickabugu

2021-2022 fellow for Afangideh Global with a focus on institutionalized prejudice against women

Mwende Mukwanyaga

Consumer market consultant with a specialty in culture, data and investigative journalism

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